Blacklight (2022)

Watch Blacklight 2022 Movie online free streaming on levidia website in full HD print. Two or three possibly captivating thoughts exist in Blacklight, however the screenplay by Nick May and chief Mark Williams sidesteps them, just to make an insincere effort of a conventional activity thrill ride. The film isn’t especially captivating or even skillful in that more oversimplified vein, all things considered.

Of the components with some potential, at the first spot on that list may be the story’s hero. He’s Travis Block (Liam Neeson), a tidy up man/advisor of sorts with the FBI, whose missions include actually and mentally saving spies who have had their covers blown or potentially have gotten in too far.

An early succession acquaints us with the man and his work, as he saves a specialist who has been found by an extreme conservative gathering in the backwoods. As a matter of fact, the arrangement is for the most part about Travis driving quick in his muscle vehicle (Williams strangely prods the likelihood that the person is in a pursuit, either on the grounds that the movie producer accepts the crowd will expect activity immediately or on the grounds that the chief is excessively fretful with the thought of an easygoing drive) and causing a lot of annihilation. All things considered, the content pretty much reports its disappointing aims from the beginning. Watch more Levidia 2022 Movies online free streaming in HD rip.

Movie Overview

Title: Blacklight (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Thriller
Directors: Mark Williams
Writer: Nick May, Mark Williams, Brandon Reavis
Stars: Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Taylor John Smith