Don’t Breathe 2 (2021)

Watch Don’t Breathe 2 2021 Movie online streaming free on levidia website in full HD cinema print without any membership. To no surprise, less than half of the actual plot has been given away. Years have passed and the Blind Man (Stephen Lang) has restarted his life with his pseudo-daughter Phoenix (Madelyn Grace), who is actually tied to the narrative of the first film. The Blind Man has done his best to hide her troublesome origins by raising her with the utmost expectations for survival. Naturally, Phoenix has taken a little from him and has grown unhinged in her own right, despite keeping some of her youthful innocence. But the past eventually catches up to them both when mysterious goons try to steal, or “save”, her from the Blind Man’s demented grasp. The only thing is, this group of self-proclaimed heroes may also be hiding a few secrets of their own.

When compared to this duo’s past work, Don’t Breathe 2 may actually be their most f*cked up film to date, which is really saying something. Yes, there are some gnarly moments of violence and gore – the kind powerful enough to get a loud reaction from a packed theater – but this story is more conceptually darker than anything. It’s one of those films where things just keep getting worse, to the point where one can’t look away. It’s not a blood fest where people will find it easy to just walk out, but a tale so twisted that even those who aren’t having a good time will go, “Alright, I definitely need to see how this could possibly end because what the hell?

One of the film’s only but most damning downfalls, of course, comes back to what many were criticizing it for to begin with: heroizing the Blind Man. It may not be as forced or uncanny as what’s been teased in the trailers, but the narrative arguably still goes too easy on the unforgivable character. The filmmakers dance a very fine moral line, as the real driving force of the story is arguably Phoenix, which actually makes for an interesting take. By the midpoint, it becomes very clear as to why this movie could exist with its own purpose. But as the credits start to roll, that becomes more blurred due to the Blind Man eventually getting “badass” moments of almost saving the day. It’s not as black and white seeing as this story is just really f*cked up all around, but certain integral moments come off as questionable at best. Watch more Levidia Horror Movies free unlimited without any membership.

Movie Overview

Title: Don’t Breathe 2 (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Horror, Thriller
Directors: Rodo Sayagues
Writer: Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues
Stars: Stephen Lang, Brendan Sexton, Madelyn Grace