Ride or Die (2021)

Watch Ride or Die 2021 levidia movie streaming online full free in HD 720p cinema quality without any sign up. Ride or Die is a romantic drama that is tremendously polarized in all its aspects. It is so when approaching a story so intimate that it highlights the deepest human emotions, but requiring 142 minutes during which she explores paths that precisely take her away from that purpose on many occasions. It is also the case in the camera treatment that combines scenes of great visual beauty with others where a hand-held camera is operated with an almost amateurish movement (the sequence shot in the bar scene at the beginning is an example of this).

The musical leitmotif used throughout this fatalistic romantic road movie fits like a glove. It is the song “Smile” that Charles Chaplin composed and that we heard in Haruomi Hosono’s version in one of the most beautiful scenes of the film. “Smile even if your heart hurts” says one of the stanzas of his lyrics. The soundtrack is equally eclectic and features songs by Norah Jones , The Cardigans or “CHE.R.RY” by the Japanese Yui . If the film is built under polarization, the two main characters are no less so. During their getaway to Thelma & Louise ( Ridley Scott, 1991), they will baffle us several times with some of their reactions and decisions that they will take.

Movie Overview

Title: Ride or Die (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Drama, Romance, Thriller
Directors: Ryuichi Hiroki
Writer: Ching Nakamura, Nami Yoshikawa
Stars: Kiko Mizuhara, Honami Satô, Shinya Niiro