The Wolf and the Lion (2022)

Watch The Wolf and the Lion 2022 Movie full free online for streaming on levidia website in HD video quality. On the death of his grandfather, Alma, a young 20-year-old pianist, returns to his childhood home, lost on a desert island in Canada. Here everything changes when she finds a wolf cub and a lion cub in danger in her life. She will choose to keep them to save them, but the unlikely happens: the two animals grow up together and love each other as brothers. But their ideal world collapses when the secret is discovered.

A lion cub is separated from his mother to end up in a circus, but a plane crash literally lands him on the arms of Alma, a struggling pianist who loves nature, back in the home of her recently deceased ecological grandfather. He left him a video where an arctic wolf had made friends with him. One day this arctic wolf returns to the cabin with a puppy in the amazement of the girl who is already dealing with the lost lion. The two puppies are suckled by the she-wolf and will become inseparable friends.

Subsequently, an accident to the girl, resulting from a fall, will put the two animals at risk who will have to deal with the harsh law of men. Their playful world will soon collapse when the forest rangers discover the animals and take them away. The two separated siblings, once they have escaped from their homes, will then have to embark on a treacherous journey through the wilds to eventually rejoin each other and with Alma once again.

The film is a lovable fable between a hymn to nature and a manifesto for the protection of wildlife, creating a captivating show according to an agreed recipe, then thanks to a well-rhythm scenario, the viewer spends delightful moments around a sublime place in Canada. As stated by the director, everything is shot without special effects. Seeing a wolf cub and a lion cub growing up together is quite original and risky, but the magic works and for this reason the film is worth the trip. Watch more musichq hd movies free unlimited streaming online.

Movie Overview

Title: The Wolf and the Lion (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Family
Directors: Gilles de Maistre
Writer: Gilles de Maistre, Prune de Maistre
Stars: Molly Kunz, Graham Greene, Charlie Carrick