Thor: God of Thunder (2022)

Watch Thor God of Thunder 2022 Movie free streaming online on levidia website in full HD quality. Thor: God of Thunder is the most recent “mockbuster” from The Asylum and their second film about this sledge using Norseman. There’s no association anyway among this and their 2011 film Almighty Thor, express gratitude toward Odin for little leniencies.

This break Loki (Daniel O’Reilly, The Girl on the Mountain, D-Railed) has gotten away from bondage in Asgard. Who can fault him, his watchmen Ivar and Halstein (Eva Ceja, 4 Horsemen: Apocalypse, Aquarium of the Dead) are late with his dinners and eat every one of the olives out of them. He continues to kill them and run Odin (Vernon Wells, Commando, Tales from the Other Side) and heads to Earth to stir the goliath wolf god Fenrir and annihilate Yggdrasil – The Tree of the Nine Realms. The standard evil diety stuff.

Odin figures out how to hang on until Thor (Myrom Kingery, The Time Capsule, Devil’s Triangle) shows up. He lets him know the best way to stop Loki is to track down the parts of The Amulet of Varga. Loki has one half, no one knows where the other half is. A common chivalrous journey. Obviously, a journey requires sidekicks and Dr. Elegance Choi and Dr. Adrian Quinn (Neli Sabour) archeologists who incidentally turned out to exhume Fenrir’s jail can fill that job. Watch Afdah 2 movies free online streaming within a click.

Thor: God of Thunder Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Thor: God of Thunder (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Fantasy
Directors: Noah Luke
Writer: Steve Doucette
Stars: Vernon Wells, Myrom Kingery, Vaune Suitt